For roughly three years now I have been training at this academy, and I'm still not bored of it. Every lesson we are taught something new, and we are always pushed to try our best. I love the family friendly environment at the academy, and the kind and welcoming students and instructors. Massey's Black Belt Academy is great with all ages and is a fun place to learn and grow as a person.

Loren Kriss

Ive been with masseys black belt academy for almost 3 years and i love the people and the family atmostphere. I enjoy being here weekly and im still challenged with new experiances.

Lachlan Honey

Since my 10 year old son started 3 years ago, his level of confidence has grown in leaps and bound thanks to the team at Masseys. Now both myself and my youngest son train in this awesome family enviroment.

Amanda Maybin

I would highly recommend Masseys Black Belt Academy for the whole family. My daughter crystal was training at another venue but we wanted to go somewhere closer to home. Best decision we made! When she started training at Masseys i seen a huge improvement in her confidence and skills! And for the first time she has a white belt and working towards grading to get her next one.
One day i joined in the family class and absloutely loved it and now i train with my daughter. Its awsome i get to have fun with my daughter, while we are training and learning new skills. I love that every class is different. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome.


Massey's work well children. I have seen my son who was shy grow in confidence to the point where he has now able to address his school at the assembly. This is all thanks to the nurturing care & patience of the staff at Massey's. Thank you.


When we started at Masseys it was for our very shy son and daughter. 18 months later our entire family of six now trains. We are all welcome and cared for at the Dojo, even our 2 year old son is on the mats and part of the karate family we have found. My children are more confident and kinder, gentler in the way the interact with the world. I cannot speak highly enough of Masseys Black Belt Academy.

Katie Handlin

After over 4 years this family that we all know as Massey's Black Belt Academy continues to grow and become an intergral part of mine and my children's lives. Thank you to you all for making our school a trully wonderful school.

Brian Cumming

My entire family is excited to be part of this awesome school. Ben who is overweight and suffers from high blood pressure and depression has attained a new zest for life. Jacinta is working on her kicks and enticed to do her best by kind friendly and positive staff. Kallan my son who has cerebral palsy is making good progress with his training and gaining immense satisfaction in his health and strength. I recommend this school to everyone. As I said awesome.

Sheree Burley

Not long after our daughter joined Masseys Black Belt Academy, my husband and I went along to watch her training.
Our first impressions were that we liked the style - Kempo Karate, we had trained years ago Tae Kwon Do. The Teacher Shihan Kyana Maguire was knowledgeable, attentive and had fresh ideas.
We liked the welcoming, supportive atmosphere so much that we joined and 2 ½ years later we are very entrenched in this talented dynamic club achieving the following;
• Our daughter has attained her black belt and is part of an excellent program instigated by Shihan and her family which teaches teenagers to become good Leaders, communicators & organisers
• My husband is a 1st dan instructor
• I’ve recently received my 1st dan.
We have learnt so much such as;
• Correct self-defence techniques
• Pressure point application
• Procedures for tournaments
• Respect and Martial arts etiquette.
We are constantly challenged acquiring knowledge;
• Kata's (patterns)
• Weapons including Sai, Sword, Ani sticks & Bo
• Training seminars hosted by senior belts.
As a family we are involved in the club together keeping fit and healthy. We are part of the Massey family and have made a lot of life-long friends in the Dojo.
So if you want to learn to protect yourself and family, keep fit, be challenged learning new skills, be part of a friendly energetic atmosphere where everyone is treated like part of the family then come to Massey's Black Belt Academy - Doyalson NSW.

Niki Perrott

Our family can train, learn and have fun together here. Where else can a family do that? There is always encouragement, support and always a friendly environment. I love this place - it keeps me fit, keeps me sane and is giving me and my family life skills. Give it a go - you'll love it too!

Kylee Pryor

It is a great place to take your kids to I take my 3 kids there and they love it the people there are awesome and the kids learn so much and it is fun.

Joanne Welch

very family orientated amazing with the children very supportive . highly recommend for all ages and fitness levels.

Nicole Hill

My Family love there Second home The Dojo
Also the opportunities friends and knowledge you learn and meet along the way is Amazing.

Renee Adlington

I cannot speak highly enough of Massey's Black Belt Academy. I started here on my own at first & than my 3 children came, who all love it here and have grown so much. And now my brother and nephew are all training here. Come down and check out Massey's for yourself. It is a great place to train and improve your skills

Heather Coleman

This is a great place. It caters for all ages, sizes and it's for the whole family. We have gained in strength and confidence. We love coming here.
You just have to try it!

Janine Allan

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